The road to self-discovery is paved with contradictions: to find inner peace, we must face our fears; to be with others, we must accept ourselves; to reach our destination, we must first lose our way. It is only by healing the wounds of our past that we evolve, grow, and become who we are meant to be.

    In Courage to Surrender, therapist Tommy Hellsten explores eight powerful yet paradoxical lessons for spiritual development, personal growth, and recovery from loss, trauma, and dependency.


  • The journey begins when you stop.
  • True strength can only be found in weakness.
  • If you seek safety, live dangerously.
  • What you give up will be given to you.
  • The less you do, the more you get done.
  • Only alone can we be together.
  • Only together can we be alone.
  • If you seek eternity, live in the here and now.


Blending psychology, the 12 steps, and Judeo-Christian spirituality, and drawing from his profound struggles and experiences, Hellsten shows us that by embracing these truths we can achieve a deeper, more fulfilling appreciation of life itself.


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